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  • At the bar, she encounters , whom she met during the last tournament.

  • However, before she could do anything, the assassin was soon caught by Bayman, who had been hired by Helena and was in the process of seeking revenge on Donovan for trying to have him killed.

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In addition, she once tried to get to get out more and be more personable outside her job, even going as far as to invite her out to lunch, and was willing to aid her in her experiment despite knowing its success would most likely result in her losing her job as an assassin.

  • Around the time of the first , Christie was working with , another assassin hired by Donovan, and both of them were tasked with transporting to the so she may enter the tournament.

  • Despite her lack of technique, Christie is a well-balanced character like Helena, and , so she can make a good team with either of them.

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