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  • Not only was Cooke able to complete her run and was not disqualified from the competition, but she also qualified for the Olympics.

  • If there is one aspect in which athletes who competed at the time when the Olympics first started all the way back in Greece had an advantage over our athletes today, it's that they did not need to care about what they were wearing.

  • Tyler, who was serving up meals to diners, strolled into the frame completely starkers, exposing complete full-frontal nudity.

She's not the first streamer slapped with a ban in recent weeks after pushing the boundaries of Twitch's rules.

  • It should be noted that many actresses wear modesty patches over their genitalia in order to pull off these kinds of 'nude' looks.

  • I was on birth control at the time, but since it was someone I had just met I was super freaked out for a while after that.

  • Felicity Jones Actor Felicity Jones attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards.