Sasaeng fans bts - 🧡 The horrible incident turned sasaeng fans into a nightmare: Pantless fans harassed BTS, injured BLACKPINK, 20 cars stalked and scared the stars

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The woman who attempted to poison him admitted it was her to the police.

  • This makes the members always be vigilant, even covering each other when going to the toilet Or even panties that crazy fans can steal.

  • Namun, tetap saja kejadian tersebut meninggalkan trauma tersendiri bagi Taeyon.

  • The whole idea sends a chill down our spine.

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  • Let's see how these fans interfere negatively in the lives of South Korean artists.

  • This 'kidnapping' was quickly caught by Sunny who jumped to her aid as quickly as possible.

  • The incident traumatized Yunho and caused him to experience panic disorder.