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Why The Crown Cut A Royal Sex Scene Out Of Season 2

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Review: Vanessa Kirby gives a shattering performance in the Netflix drama 'Pieces of a Woman'

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Vanessa is an English artist and one of the hottest actresses in the world.

  • Vanessa Kirby was actually turned down by Bristol Old Vic Theatre School so, she took a gap year to travel before studying English at the University of Exeter.

  • And that's a problem --- there's lots of stories that need to be told.

  • Graphic tee makes gift for dad.

Drama: By 1976, Margaret's marriage had broken down, in part thanks to another scandal involving Roddy Llewellyn, who hit the front pages whilst on Mustique with the Princess looking very close.

  • She met the theatre director David Thacker, who gave her three starring roles.

  • Vanessa is in a long-term relationship with British actor Callum Turner.

  • For the first couple of weeks I copied everything she did and I tried to imagine how she'd do it, because I was such a fan.