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9 Celebrities Who Are Not Shy About Farts & Own Their Flatulence

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Her mother insisted that it was medicine and that it would help, but Sarah was smart enough to realize that there was no such thing as skunk-tail medicine and that they had undoubtedly given them sugar pills or vitamins to make it look like they knew what they were doing.

  • Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, and a sterling performance by an uncredited gentlemen who plays Mr.

  • Sulfur compounds contribute the most to flatus malodor, but compounds called thiols also royally reek.

  • Basically, it involved subjects farting into specially designed, airtight, gas-collecting underwear.

She tried pushing it out silently- and failed.

  • Sarah laughed as the old woman turned red from the smell, she wiggled her ass cruelly, to smear the smell in.

  • As they parted ways to go back to class, Sarah invited Sam over for the weekend.

  • You feel you are lonely now, but you are ignored.