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  • Yea my friend said and now he had to move schools because the school contacted home and his parents told him to go to boarding school.

  • Pretty much none of those stereotypes overlap.

  • Always be sure to remain in control and your safety and consent are of the utmost priority.

Only a tiny fraction have been resettled so far.

  • His death sentence was later overturned mostly because Burdine's public defender had slept through much of his trial , but the homophobic thinking — that prison is some kind of paradise for gay men — lingers on.

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  • It isn't hearing about it through the media that causes my anger, but rather the comments and opinions of others who question what she was doing drinking in those sorts of bar, pursuing those sorts of men, going back to hotel rooms with strangers, and in their judgment of her behaviour, I feel judged - though they know nothing of what happened to me.