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Rope Bondage: Getting Started With Tying People Up : Rope Connections

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18 Bondage Sex Positions Using Rope, Ties, And More To Get Kinky

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Have your partner bind your wrists, either to the bed frame or above your head, while you lie in missionary position.

  • They should kneel between your legs and enter you from behind while your body is flat against the mattress, ground, kitchen table, wherever.

  • K is for Knife Play Knife play is, well, knife sex.

  • This variation is intended to be loaded from the front or side.

The Basic Chest Harness supports the chest and creates an ideal anchor point.

  • Plenty of other household items, like a scarf or a tie, can serve as great alternatives.

  • Clarifying boundaries including or can take a lot of the unknown out of the situation.

  • Voyeurs watch the exhibitionists and everyone wins.