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This case was different, for Peter Williams was a repeat offender.

  • Always make sure he knows why he is being punished, so he can learn from his mistake, correct his behavior, grow as person, and strengthen your relationship.

  • They know why they were sent here, and they know that punishment awaits… Well, guess what! Davie felt funny but nice as his aunt administered to his needs He didn't really need diapers but it felt good to let go of all the pressures he had let build up what with keeping straight A's and all his extracurricular activities.

  • I'm not used to having youngsters in my house and I'm not sure what you need.

Do It: Get on all fours.

  • The three types of spankings - maintenance, disciplinary, and pleasure - and the reason behind them is the most important factor in choosing the severity and duration.

  • Can anyone see a problem or pattern here? There are also rumors in the workplace about her actions with male coworkers when they would travel together.

  • Or you will get another two extra, and I will have you held down for the rest of your punishment! He had to make an emergency landing on the other side of the mountain to make sure it was safe from further attacks from any badniks still on the loose.