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Tendres cousines

Cousines tendres Tender Cousins

Cousines tendres Youth in

Cousines tendres `Tendres Cousines

Tendres Cousines — Wikipédia

Cousines tendres Tendres Cousines

Tendres Cousines

Cousines tendres 十八岁未嫁时 (豆瓣)

Tender Cousins (1980)

Cousines tendres

Cousines tendres

Cousines tendres

Cousines tendres

Cousines tendres

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  • Julia tells Clementine she has decided to leave with her.

  • Why'd you take the down? There, Mathilde, one of the , tries to seduce Julien, but Julien's mother catches her naked in his bed.

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I'm a scared Be all the same She'll be up on Prince for the time I a poppy! His family dream life is seriously undermined by an exhausted mother and a man who, after so many years in jail, has become unable to be a responsible father.

  • Entre autres, il essaie de séduire la femme de chambre, mais sa mère l'en empêche.

  • The next day the women are preparing breakfast for Julien.

  • The other main character is Niels-Ole, the leading boy in the class, who arouses indignation by rejecting girls in his own class in favour of the younger and prettier girl, Majbritt.

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